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Are You Ready for a Corrective Color?

There are many times where we get clients who want to make a dramatic change to their hair. If you have ever wondered about making a change, well, you can…but it takes a certain process. Here are some things to remember if you are ready for a change with your hair color:

1. Is your hair in the right condition?

2. Are you willing to do 3-5 different processes to get it to where you want to be?

3. Are you willing to do it as a slow progression?

4. And, are you willing to buy the necessary products to keep your hair in good condition?

5. Are you willing to be patient, and keep trying different process to get your desired results?

All of these questions can be discussed with your hair stylist to determine if you are eligible for what we call, Corrective Color.

Corrective Color is not a “one-process” color like highlights, or an all-over brown color. It is a process that may take up to 5 hours in one day or a bunch of small processes that can take up to a year.

I have a great example of a Corrective Color that I did on my client recently.

She does have fine hair, but we have been coloring it black for at least 4 years, so there is no underlying damage from it being previously bleached/permed/chemically straightened or anything like that. Our end goal, with her color, is to get to be pretty blonde.

So it all started on  Tuesday:

1st- full weave with bleach and let it process under a dryer for 45 minutes.

2nd- toned roots to match the ends (her roots were lighter than the rest of her hair because it was her regrowth)

3rd- toned the whole thing

End results- it turned out pretty. It went from a level 3 (on a scale from 1-10 in color a 1 is the darkest and 10 the lightest) to a leavel 6.

She came back 4 days later:

1st- decolorized it (strips color out of hair), let it process for 25 minutes and shampooed out.

2nd-decolorized it for a second time. Her hair lifted about a shade lighter. And it was pretty golden.

3rd-lightened it again with a chemical a little stronger, it was call sunglitz. It lifted even lighter. Yay!

4th- weaved it with bleach and processed for 30 minutes.

5th- toned it three different times to get the orange out. The orange color usually happens when you have had black color or red in your hair for a long time. There’s nothing we can do about it except tone it.

We finally got it to a pretty light brown color. We still have yet to get it blonde. I did not recommend to pull bleach through the ends with fear that they will start to break off  (LISTEN to your stylist when they tell you this!)

1st picture is where we started, 2nd picture is after the first process we did, and 3rd & 4th picture is where we ended. So pretty!!!


Our next steps that we will take it to do the regrowth lighter and lighter each time.

So be patience, and talk to your stylist about what steps you need to take to make a change.


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