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Rocker Chick By L’anza

Did you know that Tantrum is always continuing their education with the latest trends and techniques? All year round we are constantly learning different trends and techniques to better our profession in the world of hair.

This week, we were privileged to have educators from L’anza Healing Hair Care come and teach us about the latest hair colors and styles. The very own Donn Fincher, the Education and Training Manager for L’anza, was here himself to educate us.


Personally, I thought that he was absolutely fabulous. He is very knowledgeable and teaches in a way that inspires me (and the rest of the gals and guy at Tantrum) to be a better hairstylist.

We were able to do some hands-on work in learning one of the newest haircuts. It is called ROCKER CHIC!!!

Doesn’t it sound exciting already? Well…it is!


ROCKER CHIC looks like this:

Rocker Chic image curtesy of L’anza


Daring. Bold. Unexpected.

Rocker Chick embodies the free-spirited woman who creates her own fashion. She want to be noticed, but never seeks approval. Her power is independence. She relies on no one.

She is also flexible with different styles, like curls

Rocker Chic Gone Curly photo curtesy of L’anza


Isn’t it hot? I absolutely love it! My favorite part is the BANGS. They are so sassy and very trendy. I am guilty of wanting to try these bangs on myself! I just might have to try them!

In the meantime, we girls and guy at Tantrum always have a blast when you put us in a room with a few manikins, shears, and a spray bottle. A few of us may have gotten wet.