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10 Tips to Making Change a Success

It’s that time of year again, when we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. The colors around us are changing and usually this inspires us to change our hair with either a fresh new cut or a change in our color. When considering a change, here are 10 helpful hints to ensure that your change is a success.

1. Take time to be certain you are ready and confident in your decision to change. Don’t make a ‘spur of the moment’ decision.

2. To get ideas, go online or look in magazines at lots of pictures to get ideas of what you like or don’t like.

3. Bring the pictures to your hair appointment to show to your hair stylist. This will help them gain a visual understanding of the look you are trying to achieve.

4. Consultation and communication with your stylist are key! Make sure you and your stylist are on the same page about what your goal is, especially with color. Everyone has a different idea of what “red” or “caramel” color might be, so having a picture helps to give a clear idea of the color you desire!

5. Ask for your stylist’s opinion about the change. “How will this color look with my skin tone?” “What is the maintenance required with this cut/color?” “Does this cut look good with my face shape?”

6. When looking at pictures of celebrities, remember that everyone’s hair is different in texture and density. Understand that the stylist will get you as close as they can to the desired cut or color. It may look slightly different, but it will still look great. It’s also important to know that celebrities sometimes spend thousands of dollars in hair extensions and other products to give them that “perfect look.”

7. Understand the commitment that comes with changing your color. Yes, color can usually be fixed…eventually. In many cases, when an extreme change occurs, going right back to your previous color is quite the process. Many times it can take multiple processes over a period of time, as well as being very damaging to the hair and the pocket book. So, make sure you really want to make an extreme change in color before actually doing so.

8. Be realistic with your choice of change. A great example is if you are someone who prefers to be super blonde, going to a solid dark is probably too extreme to work well on the first try. Something more practical would be to start by adding low lights or coloring the under layer of the hair. This way you can see if you really like the dark color, then decide from there if you want to go darker.

9. Any time you are coloring your hair, be on time to your appointment and come with freshly washed and dried hair. Both color and lightener work most effectively on clean hair, because it allows them to process directly on the hair rather than through the buildup.

10. Protect your investment! By using salon quality color-sustaining products you are helping prolong the life and vibrancy of the color. Products of a lesser quality could fade the color, and your hair wont look as good or last as long as it could have. If you have a great new cut but don’t invest in the right styling products, you may not get the most of that new wonderful cut.


Don’t be afraid of change! Be ready and educated so you can be excited for it!


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